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Tim Paterson:The DOS man

Tim Paterson was a computer programmer and software designer born in America. May be his fame is related to the tiny operating system ,which is the base for the world most popular operating system MS DOS.

In 1980, Paterson wrote the 86-DOS operating system, also known as QDOS (for Quick and Dirty Operating System)[1] over a four-month period. SCP began shipping 86-DOS in September 1980

Paterson was educated in the Seattle Public Schools, graduating from Ingraham High School in 1974. He attended the University of Washington, working as a repair technician for The Retail Computer Store in the Green Lake area of Seattle, Washington, and graduated magna cum laude with a degree in Computer Science in June 1978.At Twenty-two-year-old Tim Paterson was hired in June 1978 by SCP’s owner Rod Brock .He went to work for Seattle Computer Products as a desig

Image of business card of Rod Brock of Seattle...

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ner and engineer. He designed a schematic of Microsoft’s Z-80 SoftCard which had a Z80 CPU and ran the CP/M operating system on an Apple

Microsoft purchased a nonexclusive license for 86-DOS from Seattle Computer Products in December 1980 for $25,000

Paterson left Seattle Computer Products (SCP) in April 1981 and worked for Microsoft from May 1981 to April 1982. After a brief second stint with SCP, Paterson started his own company, Falcon Technology, which was bought by Microsoft in 1986. Paterson did a second stint with Microsoft from 1986–1988 and a third stint from 1990-1998. During his third stint at Microsoft, he worked on Visual Basic.

After leaving Microsoft a third time, Paterson founded another software development company, Paterson Technology, and also made several appearances on the Comedy Central television program Battlebots. Paterson also races rally cars in the SCCA Pro Rally series, and even engineered his own trip computer which he integrated into the axle of a four-wheel drive Porsche 911.

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